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Below is the collection of LGBTQ+ Keyrings I sell.

LGBTQ+ 1/2/3/4 flag keyrings

You can choose from my original best seller keyrings which are hand painted by me and on those you can have up to 4 flags on one keyring. Those keyrings can be personalised with: 

- Your Name 

- Pronouns Only 

- Initial and Pronouns 

- Name and Initial 

- Name and Pronouns 

- Name, initial and pronouns 

LGBTQ+ Symbol Keyrings

Similar to my original hand painted keyrings but with an added personalisation extra. These keyrings come in 1/2/3/4 flag options and you can add your chosen pride symbol/symbols.

LGBTQ+ Heart Flag Keyrings

Now available are LGBTQ+ heart keyrings. On this keyring you can have up to 6 flags and can have whatever flags you like on there. It comes with a big heart in rainbow vinyl with name and pronouns

LGBTQ+ Matching Keyrings

There is also an option to have matching one flag LGBTQ+ keyrings. Please make sure you order via the correct listing for this. 

Please click below to choose the item you would like! 

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