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My LGBTQ+ keyrings have been by far my best selling product and whilst I offer up to 4 flags on the original keyrings - there were people saying they had more than 4 I listened and I now have a brand new LGBTQ+ keyring. These come personalised with your name on one side and pronouns on the other, however, you can choose to just have one or the other - you don't have to have both - just let me know with your order details.


The big heart has a background of the gorgeous rainbow holographic vinyl, as well as the name and pronouns being in plain white vinyl (this cannot be changed). The colour of each side of the heart in the rainbow vinyl is totally random depending on the cut. You can choose up to 6 flags, which are all printed and laminated to make them durable and they are double sided and stuck onto mini hearts. There is no limited options for flags, however, if you do want a flag that I do not normally do then PLEASE make sure you send me a picture of the flag you are wanting on your keyring. 


The big heart of the keyring is coated on either side in UV resin and the little hearts have laminated stickers on them to make them as durable as possible. 


LGBTQ+ Heart Flag Keyring

VAT Included
  • For this product please take a look at the flags I normally do. If a flag or flags you would like on your keyring is not on this list then you MUST send me a picture via webchat so that the correct flag you want is put on your order.

    Here is the list of my CURRENT flag options in alphabetical order. If your flag(s) appear on this list you DO NOT need to contact me as I already know what each flag looks like. If it doesn't appear then you DO need to contact me.


    Abrogender, Abrosexual, Aceflux, Acemid , Ace Spectrum, Aegosexual, Aceflux, Agender, Alexigender, Ally, Amid, Angled Aroace, Apagender, Aporagender, Aroace, Aroflux, Aromantic, Aromid, Asexual, Bigender, Biromantic, Bisexual, Boyflux, Cassgender, Cupioromantic, Demiboy, Demigirl, Demiagender, Demiflux, Demigender, Demiromantic, Demisexual, Fluidflux, Frayromantic, Gay(Vincian), Gender Nonconforming, Genderfae/Doe, Genderfaun, Genderfaunet, Genderfluid, Genderflux, Genderqueer, Girlflux, Grey Aroace, Greyromantic, Greysexual, Hidden, Implagender, Lesbian, Librafeminine, Libramasculine, Lithromantic, Multisexual , Neptunic, Neutrois, Non Binary, Omniaesthetic, Omnigender, Omniromantic, Omnisexual, Oriented Aroace, Pangender, Panromantic, Pansexual, Paraboy, Paragender, Paragirl, Polyamorous, Polygender, Polysexual, Pomosexual, Progress, Queer, Queerplatonic, Questioning, Quoigender, Quoiromantic, Quoisexual, Rainbow, Rainbow (Gilbert Baker), Panaesthetic, Recipromantic, Reciprosexual, Toric, Transgender, Trigender, Trixic, Unlabelled, Uranic, Xenogender.


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