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LGBTQ+ Tumblers

Following on from the success of my LGBTQ+ keyrings - you can now purchase LGBTQ+ reusable tumblers. I sell 2 different versions which both come in different colours. 

The original is a softer plastic and comes in a choice of 3 different colours which are:

- Clear with rainbow glitter

- Black with silver glitter

- Purple with silver glitter

The other option is the rainbow colour tumblers. These are slightly bigger and are made out of harder plastic. The colour choices for these are:

- Blue/Purple

-Light Pink Rainbow

-Dark Pink Rainbow



Tumblers are completely personalised with your chosen flag or flags on, as well as name and/or pronouns. You can have up to 4 flags on your tumbler. However, if you would want more than 4 please send me a message so I can confirm if I am able to do more than 4.

To see what flags I do on my products please take a look at the LGBTQ+ flag page. However, if you want a different version of a flag that is absolutely fine. If you want a flag that is not listed that is absolutely fine too. For both of those options please make sure you send me a message with the picture of the flag you would like so I can create your perfect LGBTQ+ tumbler

These are the perfect reusable cup to show off your pride all year round!

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