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The newest edition to the drinkware products... personalised pride mugs!!


These come in white and are 11oz mugs, so your standard regular size mug. Mugs can be personalised with your name and/or pronouns as well as your chosen flags. The flags are in the signature heart shape in an alternating pattern if you want more than one flag and are across both the top and the bottom of the mug. You can have as many flag choices as you want! Name and pronouns are on either side of the mug if you want both on. If you want just name or just pronouns they will be on one side of the mug, with the other left blank. Customers are also welcome to have two names or two sets of pronouns (one on each side of the mug) or you can have a special date on there (for anniversaries, engagements etc). The personalised writing is cut out of a beautiful rainbow splatter pattern which is so beautifully vibrant.


Mugs are safe to put in the dishwasher and hand wash. The design is sublimated onto the mug so it will not come off when washing/drying - the design is permanent.


These are the perfect mug to have at home, work or on display to show your pride and also would make great gifts for an LGBTQ+ loved one.


VAT Included
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