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Personalise your own lanyard with your LGBTQ+ flags, name and/or pronouns. 


Lanyards come in white ONLY and have a strong clip to attach to wherever you want e.g. keys, bag etc. At the top is a safety clip meaning the lanyard can be pulled apart if needed for extra safety. 


Lanyards are personalised using sublimation ink so they are extremely durable. Customers have a choice to personalise with their flag(s), name and/or pronouns. If you select to have name AND pronouns they will be on either side of the lanyard. If you select just name or just pronouns they will be on one side of the lanyard and the other side will have just the chosen flag(s).


Customers are welcome to have as many different flags as they want. If your flag is not listed on my LGBTQ+ flags page, it is a custom flag and an image of it must be sent to me before you purchase. I need to approve custom flags before making an order. 



LGBTQ+ Lanyards

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