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Wear your chosen flag with pride on your wrist with one of our pride bead bracelets.


Pride bead bracelets can be done in whatever flag of your choice (please see the flag list page for details on what flags I do). The bead colours will try to be matched as close as possible to represent the colours in the flag. 


Bracelets come in 2 sizes so as to accomodate everybody, however the bracelets are stretchy so they will stretch to fit. Customers have the option of adding a name to the bracelet (I am still working on what colour works best so I will always try and fit the colour of the letter beads to the chosen flag where possible).


At the moment the bracelets are strictly one flag per  bracelet, therefore please make sure when you order you are just ordering one flag choice. 

LGBTQ+ Bracelets

VAT Included
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